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Aroma Coffe “The Ancient Fabriek From Paris Van Java”

Aromanja dan rasanja tinggal tetep, kaloe ini koffie soeda di boeka dari kantongnja harep dipindahken di stopfles atawa di blik jang tertoetoep rapet. Djangan tinggal di kanto
. TEXT with the old spelling in brown paper wrapper, which is packaged Koffie Fabriek Aroma, not just advice for anyone who bought a coffee powder smell the coffee factory output in the Road Banceuy No. 51 Bandun The inscription on the wrapper is also already a part of the trademark. Like the warning on the drug in the packaging box, the manufacturer will remind the buyer through the text.

Which is also worth considering is the direct advice of Widyapratama (58), which is often addressed as Mr. Widya, the sole heir Koffie Fabriek Aroma of Tan Houw Sian, his father. "Come over here (Fabriek Aroma) during the morning where the shop has not hindered auto parts sellers," said Mr. Widya It is true, there is something else when we arrived early before the sellers parts Banceuy vehicles filled the streets. . Although the new Koffie Fabriek Aroma officially opened at 6:00 pm, but when we took time to come one hour earlier (at 5:00 pm), the nose will be greeted us was the smell of fragrant coffee.

 In addition to coffee served with fragrant odor, while waiting for sunrise and bustle Road Banceuy start creating, we are able to enjoy the whole building Koffie Fabriek Aroma Art Deco style. "The building was built in the 1930s, until now no iota of change," said Mr. Widya with pride. Is a joy and a blessing in itself, if by chance we met with Mr. Widya directly when buying coffee aroma or just look around and smell the coffee Koffie Fabriek Aroma.Yes, we'll get a lot of knowledge from Mr. Widya. Not just about coffee, but also advice and counsel to treat coffee as well as matters pertaining to life.
Among the suggestions conveyed his passion Mr. Widya is dealing with injuries Robusta coffee sprinkled into the wound. "It will dry quickly and has been tested. There are no side effects at a later date, which occurred even ulcers or sore so dry and fast recovery, "he said with a hand picked coffee beans demonstrates how to sow. Another suggestion is to treat the coffee when mixed with milk. “"Do not drink coffee mixed with milk, if you must drink milk mixed with coffee, because it will lose flavor and aroma of coffee," said Mr. Widya that confuse some participants Java Jive Walk held Bandung Trails, last weekend. . Yes, down the history of coffee in the city of Bandung can not escape the presence Koffie Fabriek Aroma pioneered Tan Houw Sian, Mr. Widya the father since the 1930s. Factory activity held on the land as it was 1300 square meters, starting from the warehouse, drying, processing of coffee beans, until the sale of products (shop).
 Therefore, if was in the city of Bandung, force yourself to wake up early. Come in the morning when the sun rose slowly round and showing off its rays outward appearance in the sky east of the city's development. Mr. Widya will be happy to be a guide, took us to adventure to places we never imagined before.
. Before entering the main building which is used as coffee processing plant, we will advance past the fenced glass breaking machine and a jar of coffee beans of the coffee cups and scales. . From the door to the main part of the building that is open, you'll see three old bicycles hanging on the wall above.
I "That's part of the estate of my father (Tan Houw Sian, ed), I want to someday my kids always remember that the factory was started with an old bicycle in his day, with sweat from his grandfather," said Mr. Widya.
 Once inside, our view will immediately drawn to the brand of coffee-processing machine "Probat" made in Germany made in 1936. Before having his own factory, in the 1920s, Tan Houw Sian became a factory worker in Holland's coffee. Wages from the day's work continues so that he could ditabunya pioneering coffee factory in 1930 and bought their own coffee processing machinery.
 Before you get information about how to enable Probat machines, Mr. Widya will explain about the type of coffee and coffee age. Kopi yang berusia lebih muda akan terlihat putih ke kuning-kuningan. Coffee younger will look white to yellow-brass. Robusta coffee slightly flattened shape, while arabica slightly rounded.
Having introduced the types of coffee, Mr. Widya shows how the processing engine stove (cooking) 78-year-old who uses wood fuel rubber trees. “"In addition to environmentally friendly because the smoke was not thick and irritating the eyes, the rubber tree also does not affect the smell and taste of coffee," said Mr. Widya when asked about the reasons for the use of rubber trees as firewood.
 This rubber tree wood also produces a low temperature and go to add special smell of coffee. . Once roasted within 1 hour, coffee beans that have been cooked and then sifted to removed the rest of his skin, then selected seed really good. From 200 kg of coffee it will produce only 160 kg because of the depreciation of coffee content. . Having chosen a good seed, coffee beans back ground and sifted and packed according to buyer demand.
“ "Coffee beans freshly ground can hold up to three months.. if you live in the area around Bandung, I suggest to buy the little packets of it, so I can be fresh coffee freshly ground, "said Mr. Widya
In the barn was a pile of burlap sacks of coffee beans robusta and arabica, the pile of sacks of coffee starting from one meter below the floor to the roof."I do not remember how much all coffee stored in this warehouse," said Mr. Widya accompanied by laughter that always accompanies each guyonnya.
 Coffee beans that go into the barn Koffie Fabriek Aroma, not directly processed as many coffee factory. . Both types of robusta and arabica, will be stored in advance for eight years before the roasted and ground. It is said that during the time that's best for storage of coffee.
. This is an aging process to establish the coffee flavor. ;The longer the period of storage of coffee beans, the lower the levels of caffeine. Result, the stomach was bloated and no sour taste left in the throat. . Acid levels in the coffee went down to only 2% -3% only. T Tradition Tan Houw Sian derivative is held by Widya until today. Two times a year, Widya visit coffee plantations and fruit to choose their own coffee in the coffee plantation area of each 5 hectares located in Aceh, Medan, Toraja, Jember, and Timor. It was also the father had done.

. Having obtained the best coffee, the coffee is dried in the sun for seven hours. . After that, stored in gunny-colored (not a plastic bag) and maintained the level of dryness.

 If you want the coffee to make your stay to stay awake and work (literacy), Mr. Widya will make  robusta coffee is 2 years old. However, if you want coffee lighter Robusta, will diracikkan coffee 8-year-old.
Well, when I'm happy and want to just taste the coffee, I chose which is mokka arabica arabica coffee blend from Aceh, Medan, Toraja, Jember, and Timor. So feel free to ask, "said Mr. Widya

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