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Coffee Types

Coffee Types
Coffee varieties refer to the subspecies of coffee. Coffee beans from two different places usually have a different character, both from the smell (from the smell earthy orange), contain caffeine, flavor and acidity. These characteristics depend on where the coffee plants to grow, production processes and sub-species genetic differences coffee.
 arabica coffee varieties
Coffee from the species Coffea arabica has a rich taste than Coffea robusta. arabica has many varieties. Each variety has unique characteristic ,Some popular varieties include:
• . Coffee Colombia (Colombian coffee) - was first introduced in Colombia in early 1800. Currently cultivars Maragogype, Caturra, Typica and Bourbon planted in this country. If direct fried, Colombian coffee has a taste and strong aroma. Colombia is the second largest coffee producer in the world after Brazil. Approximately 12% of the world's coffee is produced in this country
• . Colombian Milds - this includes coffee varieties from Colombia, Kenya and Tanzania. Everything is kind of arabica coffee that has been washed,Coffee beans are not fried from the varieties C. arabica arabica
• Costa Rican Tarrazu - from (en) "San Marcos de Tarrazu valley" in the mountains outside of San José, Costa Rica.
• . Guatemala Huehuetenango - Grown at an altitude of 5000 feet in northern Guatemala.
• Ethiopia Ethiopian Harrar - from Harar, Ethiopia
• Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - from the area in the city Yirga Cheffe in the province of Sidamo (Oromia) in Ethiopia.
• . Hawaiian Kona coffee - grown in the foothills Hualalai in the district Kona in Hawaii. . Coffee was first introduced to the Islands by Chief Boki. Ia adalah gubernur Oahu pada tahun 1825. of Oahu in 1825.
• . Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee - from the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. Coffee is a high price because kepopulerannnya.
• Coffee Java (Java coffee) - from the island of Java in Indonesia. Coffee is so famous that the name of Java became a slang term for coffee.
• Kenyan - Known among acid and flavor.
• Mexico - Produces hard bean coffee.
• Mocha - Coffee from Yemen was formerly traded on the port of Mocha in Yemen. . Do not be confused with how to serve coffee with chocolate.
• Santos - from Brasilia. Has a low acidity level.
• Sumatra Mandheling and Sumatra Lintong - Mandheling is called by tribal Batak Mandailing in northern Sumatra in Indonesia. Coffee Lintong called by the name of the place Lintong in northern Sumatra. While Gayo coffee from the Gayo Highlands - Gayo is the Native name in Aceh - which include Regency Aceh Tengah and Bener Meriah.. Coffee Gayo mentioned as the best organic coffee in the world.
• Sulawesi Toraja Kalosi - Grown in the high mountain areas in Sulawesi. Kalosi is a small town in Sulawesi, which is a collection of coffee from the surrounding area. Toraja is the mountainous region of Sulawesi where the coffee is grown. Celebes exhibits a rich, well-balanced acidity (slightly more than Sumatra) and has a multidimensional character. Coffee is suitable for darker roasting. Because the production process, this coffee can dry irregularly. Yet the seeds of this irregular shape can enrich it.
• Tanzania Peaberry - grown on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. "Peaberry" means that the coffee beans is only one in each fruit. Not the usual two in one fruit. This usually grows naturally in 10% of the coffee harvest.
• Uganda - Though most of the Robusta coffee producers. Ada juga kopi arabika berkualitas yang dikenal sebagai Bugishu . There is also a quality arabica coffee known as Bugishu.
• Luwak Cofee one of the Arabica coffee varieties that have been eaten by a mongoose and then collected and processed. Taste and aroma of this coffee be distinctive and most expensive coffee in the world.
Coffee beans are blended to balance flavor and aroma complexity. One of the oldest traditional mix is Mocha-Java, consisting of the same coffee bean names. . Typical chocolate is compatible with Cafe mocha, which are blended coffee drinks with chocolate. We have a mixture of regular Mocha-Java mixed with other varieties to create a unique characteristic. Many coffee companies that have their own mixture.
Some coffee beans are very popular and therefore have a more expensive price than other coffee beans. Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaiian Kona is probably a good example. These coffee beans are often mixed with other beans that is not how expensive, and with it a mixture is called a blend (such as "Blue Mountain blend" or "Kona blend"), but only slightly from the type of coffee beans were use
 robusta coffee varieties
aOne of the Robusta coffee varieties are famous Luwak coffee from Indonesia and the Philippines Alamid spatula. These coffee beans collected from civet mongoose. This coffee has a distinctive taste.

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